chaosAccording to geologists, the term chaos in France means a big amount of huge blocks of rock due to natural sediment and erosion. Near the village called Angoustrine the chaos of Targasonne offers a landscape of hundreds of granitic blocks, scattered on a emerald green mountain slope at a height of about 1500 m.. These rocks are dominated by the Themis totem (an area with panels for production of solar energy) and are located at the edge of a hazelnut forest. They have different names: barret ( hat), Napoleon´s hat, eagle etc. From there you can have a wonderful view on the Pyrenees chain and its highest mountain peak Puigmal. In the past here, in the so called chaos, the bricklayers from the villages Dorres and Angoustrine found the granite for their work. Today this area is visited by bouldering fans from all overEurope. They climb up these enormous rocks without ropes or climbing equipment.   The old mountain building which has recently been renovated here has been named after this place which is a true nature gift.